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Walked Alongside this Ministry

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    I met Juliette in 1997 when we both attended a conference presented by the Christian Medical and Dental Association. I count myself fortunate to have become a close friend and colleague of hers during the ensuing years. On a personal level, over the years I became close to her and her family as we mutually shared the joys and sorrows that came to us both in mature adulthood (the care giving and inevitable loss of parents, for her the death of a brother from cancer).

    Through these years of personal sharing, we spent many hours discussing our mutual vision of medical and therapeutic care. We both felt drawn to serve communities that were underserved or work in non­traditional settings. She supported me in my career in the Public Health Service working on Indian reservations and I understood and shared her commitment to serve in rural and urban settings with people who could not easily access the health care system.

    Throughout this long association, I have known her to be a person of first-rate integrity and commitment. Getting the work done is important to her but so is the vision and moral character of any organization or person with whom she works. She never is hurried but takes time to understand the person and context within which she is working, and she will persevere until the task is accomplished to her standards.

    It may sound facile but I think a person who does therapy should be therapeutic. After a conversation or an encounter with a therapist, people should feel better about themselves, have new insights into their lives and relationships, and feel more optimistic about the future- and, after a personal encounter with Juliette, people do!

I experienced a brief but intense professional crisis about a year ago. During that crisis, Juliette demonstrated all the above qualities in person, on the phone, and in written communication. She is a wonderful person to know in a crisis. Her insights are keen and her help immediate.

    I think Juliette would be an asset to any professional practice, office, organization or therapeutic endeavor. Her character is above reproach, her work ethic strong, her vision wide, and her compassion boundless.


    If I were a soldier in a combat situation, Juliette is the kind of person I would want to be teamed with. I would feel very comfortable putting my life in her hands. I would trust her implicitly.

    I have known Juliette since the late 1980’s, and we have enjoyed a close relationship since that time. Juliette lives a life of total integrity, with a deep faith, demonstrated in her unlimited compassion and selfless service to people from all walks of life. She is highly responsible and can be depended upon regardless of circumstances. She is an exceptionally capable, creative, intelligent, and gifted person. I trust her loyalty, wisdom, and problem-solving skills in difficult situations.

    I had the honor of being involved in one of her counseling sessions, where I observed her skillful, gentle and loving interaction with those she counsels. She is very encouraging, but willing to confront, lovingly, where appropriate.

Juliette is sacrificial in her love for friends and family, as evidenced by her willingness to travel long distances and take time away from her own career. She lovingly has cared for her father, mother, and others, within and outside of the family, who have experienced medical crisis and other needs. She has done this at great personal expense. She likewise was heavily involved in helping her brother when he was critically ill with cancer.

    Juliette is courageous, industrious, and willing to work hard physically. She faces life’s difficult challenges with grace, dignity, and joy.


    I have known Juliette Anderson since 1985, as a colleague and friend.

    While maintaining her primary counseling office, she was on call for volunteer crisis intervention through four major National Disaster Hurricanes. During Hurricanes Francis, Jeanne, Katrina and Wilma, Juliette served in the evacuation of disabled seniors on the coast of Florida, including wheelchair transport, supervision of medical needs and nursing care, securing of alternate emergency housing, and mediation of emergency needs with insurance representatives. She also facilitated healing, hope and recovery for disaster victims experiencing shock, loss and grief during the times following these life threatening storms.

    Among other creative pursuits, Juliette has researched the possibility of a future grief recovery center, a vision for patients and their families in medical crisis or other forms of pain and loss. Throughout her years of counseling individuals, couples and families, she has been committed to "integrating genuine faith with counseling, medicine, the arts, education, and experiencing nature as a hospital for the healing of the human heart." Our country needs counselors of her quality and experience. As a professional counselor who has been honored to have Juliette as a colleague throughout these years, I bear witness to the fact that many individuals, couples and families have benefited greatly from her counseling expertise.

    Juliette not only possesses superior professional skills, she is a woman of uncompromising moral character and integrity, and her ethical standards are above reproach. Having known and worked with Juliette over a period of many years, it is with great assurance and pleasure that I can recommend her unreservedly.

    In closing, I offer one additional observation. I believe that in many respects counselors are born, not made, and she was born and gifted to counsel.


Continuing Education Coordinator, National Board for Certified Counselors:

Letter of Commendation:


    I want to commend your amazing dedication to the counseling profession and continuing education. You are doing a wonderful job representing counselors and serving your clients. . . . Please let me know if you need anything or have additional questions. And again, great job!



    The office that Juliette occupies was formerly my office and holds a very special place in my heart. Juliette has decorated that office professionally and the feeling one receives when entering her office is unlike anything I have experienced.

    I have owned the Undercliff Mansion for nearly 20 years, and have certainly seen a variety of tenants. Most are professional and excellent neighbors. Juliette, however, takes it to another level. From our first meeting she endeavored to get to know me - the person - not the landlord. She continually shows that true interest and concern in others. This is evidenced by what occurs at the first of the month when rents are due. Juliette encloses a personal, hand-written letter of encouragement and support with every rent check! This is something I have never experienced before, and I truly look forward to receiving her notes. In fact, because they are so full of wisdom, insight, and encouragement, I have begun compiling them.

    In each of our walk down life' s path we encounter many people. I have never met anyone like Juliette. From the first meeting you will know that she is someone truly unique - truly a gift from God. I have been privileged to have her in my life. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have or for additional information you may require.



Hi Juliette,

    First to let you know that the pastor of our church . . . has recommended five couples to you and the response back from those you have seen has been resoundingly wonderful! He is thrilled to have found you!

    Second, I want to introduce you to another couple who do basic counseling at our church. They want to get to know you for referrals as well.

    Finally, I want to tell you how much I truly appreciate your notes each month. I also feel your prayers. Thanks so much, Juliette!


    I begin this letter by introducing you to my many years of close friendship with Juliette Anderson. Prior to my describing what I have witnessed her contributing to the lives of others within our community, and to the greater world at large, I wish to share with you what her life, sacrificial giving of herself professionally, and her walk of faith have meant to me personally.

    Throughout the years of friendship, time and again I have been amazed at the multiple and frequent miracles resulting from her prayers of faith.

    The deeply intimate, supernatural love relationship she enjoys with our God and Lord truly is remarkable.

Not long after first meeting Juliette, I coincidentally (or not) met her brother in a multi-day canoeing class on the Clearwater River. He also was a man of prayer. Another miracle from this family occurred when he became instrumental, along with Juliette, in my entering a life of newly discovered faith in Jesus Christ, and His love and design for my own life’s journey.

    Juliette is known to be a woman of deep faith and integrity, with superb gifts in counseling and healing prayer. Individuals and families come to her for help who are not receiving such ministry and assistance elsewhere. Often I have described how her presence in the house is like “living with the Holy Spirit in residence.” Not only is Juliette a compassionate woman of sensitivity and depth, a true visionary with a high level of intelligence and creativity, but also she has a delightful sense of humor. She enjoys laughter and a sense of playfulness which can be highly contagious.

Juliette is called to facilitate God’s healing within military and civilian populations, without fees for her dedicated and competent services, based on the love and grace of Christ. I know of no other counselors who are providing such sacrificial ministry within the lives of so many. Her work is not confined to an office.

    Her dedication to compassionate hospitality within the natural setting of a real home comes out of extremely unusual gifts in ministry to people from all walks of life. These gifts have been a grace of God, developed and refined through a remarkable family history. For example, she helped manage what was her family’s historical ranch near the adjoining borders of Montana, Wyoming and Idaho, which became the setting for international ministry to guests and employees. A part of her vision includes building upon this experience and creating a home-based ministry offering a welcoming Benedictine form of hospitality, a home of love and healing.

    Juliette’s ministry has touched people among the wealthiest and most highly educated in our world, and, equally, among the poorest of the poor. Mother Teresa has been her personal role model. Juliette sees Christ within each person who comes to her door. Her vision is broad, never limited to an office setting. She is committed to the healing of the whole person: heart, mind, body and soul.

    People have travelled for many miles to meet with Juliette for healing related to severe depression, marriages that are falling apart, child-parent relationships that have disintegrated into chaos and strife, and medical crises arising from cancer and other forms of serious illness. She has been instrumental in averting suicide, preserving the lives of babies born that might have been aborted without her intervention, and initiating healing, hope, health and well being of those hospitalized and in medical crisis. As noted earlier, people have come for her help and guidance from underserved rural areas, from urban regions, from all branches of our United States Military, and from diverse civilian populations as well as our Native American Nations.

    Much of Juliette’s work has become known through word of mouth, as “impossible” marriages and other forms of broken relationships are beautifully healed, as serious depressions and anxiety disorders come into healing, as people safely come off of psychotropic medications to lead normal, fully functioning and restored lives, and as the hearts of the fathers and mothers are restored to their children and those of the children to their parents. Her dependence on the Holy Spirit to produce His fruit of love, forgiveness, grace, and healing within the lives of those seeking her help is widely known, evidence of her humility and wisdom. Importantly, many of the people whose lives have been transformed by Christ working through Juliette’s gifts and ministry are now ministering also to others.

    In summary, I can’t think of anyone who deserves more the support Juliette is seeking to further establish such a practical, productive and inspiring mission through Wellhouse Ranch Ministries. I am happy and honored to be an advocate for her vision. Hers is a walk of childlike faith, filled with daily miracles. I happen to be one of those miracles. Her disarming faith and trust in God is intertwined with the wisdom and humility of a woman who truly knows, and is known by her Heavenly Father.

DR. ROBERT J. R., M.A., S.T.L., Ph.D:

    I am a retired but still active priest and a retired professor of literature . . . I met Juliette Anderson when I was an assistant pastor in 2001 at St. Edward's Church in Palm Beach, Florida. Since then I have corresponded with her frequently, been her spiritual director, and met with her on many social and professional occasions. I believe I know her as well as any one can.

    The most obvious thing to be said of Juliette is that she is a very beautiful woman, a beauty that one senses embodies both human integrity and divine fascination. One is drawn to her in desire for acceptance and intimacy. Her virtue is total; her wholeness a thing of wonder. As such a warm and strong woman she has power to attract and power to command. A peaceful, confident spirit of love surrounds her. Here, no hungry ego or need for comparison or competition. 

    The second most important thing about her is her Christian faith, her great love for her savior Jesus Christ. Everything she says or does seems to originate out of her desire to fulfill his command of love, to be of service to his little ones, to his community. Such faith and love come from daily prayer and reading of the bible and spiritual authors. In matters of spirituality and church history and development she is greatly knowledgeable.

    Any one who knows her professional training and practice can easily conclude that she is most competent and versatile. I have seen her courage and humility in dealing with difficult people. And I have seen her success in cases where I would not want to enter.

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